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Most people are already quite well aware of their choices in home insurance, Auto Insurance, and life insurance. However, it is not a very well known fact that you can obtain other insurance for nearly any of your possessions. Just because your items are a bit out of the ordinary doesn't mean you cannot get high quality insurance policy coverage for your boat, recreational vehicle (RV,) or your other toy. Here are some of the basics about other insurance coverage types.

additional Coverages

Valuable Articles

16 Lombard can help protect the possessions you cherish the most, whether fine art, jewelry, antiques, wine, coins or nearly any collectible. We understand the monetary and sentimental value of all the things you have collected or inherited.

While homeowners policies limit the amount of protection for such items, our Valuable Articles policy covers them anywhere in the world with no deductible.

  • Jewelry. Your jewelry will be insured against most types of loss without a deductible, giving you the peace of mind to wear, use and enjoy it anywhere in the world

  • Arts and Antiques. Count on unparalleled service and expertise, and some of the broadest coverage available

  • Collectibles. Use blanket coverage to protect an entire collection, itemize valuable pieces or do both.

YACHT & Boat Insurance

Whether your yacht or boat spends half of its life in the garage or it is out on the sea full time, boat insurance is essential. Your boat is exposed to weather and daily elements no matter where it is, and it may also be exposed to vandals or thieves. Your Home policy will not cover your boat whether it is on your property at the time it is stolen or vandalized or not. Ask your independent agent about how to make certain you have the supplemental coverage you need to insure your boat is protected.

Umbrella policy

You may also want to compare prices on umbrella policies when you get other types of insurance. Umbrella insurance gives you extra liability coverage that exceeds your Home, car, or boat policy. Once the liability limits on those policies have been hit, your umbrella policy will be activated. These policies will cover liability related coverage for situations like: Rental units, accusation of libel or slander, and false arrest. The umbrella policy will fill gaps in your existing policies.

Ensuring financial security

Umbrella coverage

The more you have acquired, the higher your risk for litigious encounters. Your financial security could become severely compromised due to accidental events you may have thought were adequately covered. Excess liability insurance responds when the underlying liability limits of your various other policies have been exhausted. It is a critical, but often overlooked, component of your personal risk management portfolio.

High net worth umbrella coverage includes liability limits up to $50 million, and has the following types of coverages:

  • Worldwide liability

  • Uninsured Motorist liability

  • Coverage when on the board of a non-profit organization

  • Personal Injury- libel and slander

Be sure you, your family and your assets are properly protected.

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